LogiStis in House

This is about the Accounting and Book Keeping as a part of our procedure. It begins with the collection of your invoices from your premises, followed by their separation according to their category which is the first stage of our checkpoints and afterwards they are forwarded to be recorded.

In order to assure the safe financial results, we perform a number of different audits, which include check of the invoices one by one and monthly audits (such as numeration check, income check, double recording check, VAT check etc).

After the above audits, we are absolutely certain regarding the months’ financial results so as to proceed to the Financial Analysis.

In that way, we can see the business’s numbers as financial Indicators, and make a prediction for the end of the fiscal year.  This gives us the ability to make all the necessary corrective movements in order to improve the businesses’ taxation cost.

Similar controls are applied before the issue of each month’s Payroll, in order to assure that we have included all the facts fed by the client and prior to issuing employee remuneration receipts.