Debt Settlement


According to the Law 4469/2017, the sustainable businesses have the ability to settle their debts following a certain procedure, which requires conduction of a financial study that will prove the businesses’ sustainability, the worth of the assets’ after a possible liquidation, the involvement of co-debtors and guarantors and finally a payoff proposal.

CompuTax, in cooperation with the Law firm A. Verriou – A. Koutsokera, has formed a strong and experienced team, in order to help the sustainable Greek business to settle its debts.

Settlement of Debts in Tax authorities or Insurance funds (not through OCW)

Having excellent knowledge of the relevant legislation, which gives the opportunity of settlement of this kind of debts, we process all the facts in order to come up with the best of solutions.

Settlement of Banking Debts (not through OCW)

Counting on our experience and the leading position we have in the market, we process and suggest solutions concerning any kind of banking debts, always considering the client’s best interest. Obviously through this procedure we optimize our experience and our connections in the market.