About Us

CompuTax S.A., is an Accounting and Taxation company, which was founded in 1986, by Iakovos Goumas, graduate of the Financial Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Since its very beginning, until now, its aim has been to differentiate itself from simple figures recording, offering upgraded, innovative and essential services to its clients.

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Our Philosophy

In CompuTax, our belief is that the Accountants’ mission is to make his clients feel safe. That can’t be accomplished only by words, but mainly by specialized tools, procedures, controls and efficient partners. These are the sectors in which we have invested, since our first steps, up to now. We are certain that this is the only way to provide you security.

Our Tools

Computax’s most valuable advantage is its partners. Special positions amongst them, occupy the people of our IT Department. Three partners of upper education and years of experience as Programmers – Accountants, constantly upgrade the way in which CompuTax provides its services to its clients.

Original management and information system which has been designed and manufactured by our own IT Department. Its aim is to record every step of our clients’ service and to provide the security that all the implemented procedures are followed in every stage of our work.

Another unique system which analyzes the Financial Indicators of each business according to its facts. In that way we are in position to predict quite soon the Financial Results and proceed to the necessary corrective actions in order to have the minimum insurance and taxation cost. The name of the Application, Kassandra, is quite symbolic:  she was a seer of woes, but always accurate!

It is the Platform that was designed to bring in your pc’s or mobile’s screen the whole picture of your business, as it is formed by its financial facts. That means that you can see in real time whatever we see.

Our Premises

In our 700 square meters premises, we can spread our knowledge, expand our experience and welcome you in the way you and the quality of our services deserve.

Our TeamHaving not only one or two, but 32 efficient partners, each one specialized in his field and working with consistency for your businesses’ security, we can assure you that with us you will never feel alone.